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Quote of the press conference: “I’m not sure what you’re talking about, ‘fan confidence eroded…’”

If Sakiewicz truly doesn’t believe that the nonsensical personnel changes made over the course of this season haven’t dampened fan morale, he and the organization really need to open their eyes.

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As expected, Nick Sakiewicz announces that head coach Peter Nowak is “stepping down”

Says they were no longer on the same page of philosophy and Peter’s manner of managing the team, has nothing to do with wins/losses or the performance of the team. John Hackworth takes on responsibilities as interim team manager.

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Watch the Union press conference live at 2PM online or on TV (CSN)

CSN Philly tweets that “you might want to tune in for this one,” leading some to believe that there’s going to be a player acquisition or a staffing change announced.

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Valdes ready for "huge responsibility" as Union captain

“It’s a huge responsibility for me,” Valdés told “But I feel capable of completing the duties and returning the favor to the coaching staff for trusting in me. I feel like this is an opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities and abilities and prove to them why they brought me here in the first place.”

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